TAVES 2015, the Deutsch Report from Stereophile

The system being demoed at TAVES was built around the Logos floorstanders, which are described by Goldmund as “standalone” speakers, with built-in amplifiers and DSP correction of any driver and enclosure resonances. All current Goldmund speakers are also wireless, which in their application is said to have no disadvantages. The price of the Logos has not been determined yet, but they’re aiming at around US$30,000 per pair. Given that the consumer doesn’t have to spend money on a preamp, power amp, and cables (whose cost is not negligible), this price might actually represent good value.

And the sound of the Logos-based system—with Eidos 17 universal player ($5000) and Mimesis wireless hub ($5000)—was truly excellent, with a kind of purity and freedom from distortion, having little sound of its own.

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